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Clearomizer are the filling reservoirs for e-liquids and ensure that you can vaporize the e-liquid by means of coils , Compatible with: E-cigarettes , Pods and Pod e-cigarettes

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What is a clearomizer?

A clearomizer is the liquid reservoir of an e-cigarette. This is where the e-liquid is stored before it is evaporated. Depending on the type of clearomizer, it is refilled with e-liquid from the bottom or top. The clearomizer is also called a tank or atomizer, but clearomizer is the most comprehensive description of the whole.

The clearomizer usually consists of the reservoir itself, an atomizer with a coil and a mouthpiece. The atomizer is the part of the tank that is heated by the battery and the coil uses this heat to vaporize the liquid in the reservoir.

In the past, the reservoir of the clearomizers could store a large amount of e-liquid, up to 8ml. Nowadays, legislation has reduced this to a maximum storage capacity of 2ml.

There are different types of clearomizers available nowadays so it is important to choose the tank that best suits your way of vaping.

Standard Mouth-to-Lung clearomizer:

These types of tanks only support coils with a resistance above 1.0 ohm and are mainly used by (novice) vapers who want to simulate smoking a traditional cigarette. These types of tanks also often do not have an adjustable airflow. This used to be the most popular and most widespread clearomizer as the producers were mainly concerned with simulating traditional smoking.

Sub ohm Direct-Lung clearomizer:

The sub-ohm tanks use coils with a resistance below 1.0 ohm and are often used by more experienced vapers who want to simulate smoking a water pipe. With these types of tanks, the vapor is inhaled directly over the lungs (Direct-Lung) and more vapor (and therefore more flavor) is produced than with MTL vapors. The sub-ohm tanks also often have an adjustable airflow.

Today these clearomizers are more popular than the MTL clearomizers due to the large vapor that can be produced and the more intense taste experience.

RTA clearomizer:

RTA stands for rebuildable tank atomizer. This means that you have to make the coils yourself from, for example, kanthal or cotton. This improves the taste and saves costs as no factory coils have to be purchased. The disadvantage is that it takes some time to make your own coils and to learn this.

RDA / dripper clearomizer:

RDA stands for rebuildable dripping atomizers. These are DIY tanks without a reservoir to store e-liquid. The e-liquid is dripped directly onto the cotton or lace hall. These types of clearomizers produce the most vapor with the best flavor. The disadvantage is that new liquid always has to be dripped before it can be evaporated.