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Coils are the burners of the e-liquids . These are compatible with Clearomizers , E-cigarettes , Pods and Pod e-cigarettes

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What are coils?

Coils are the vaporization elements of e-cigarettes. A coil uses the heat from the tank that is generated by the battery to then vaporize the liquid in the reservoir.

There are different types of coils for different e-cigarettes, but normally it comes down to a coil consisting of a metal casing with metal wire wound therein in the form of a coil and a wick. This is often organic cotton and absorbs the liquid from the reservoir.

A coil can differ in resistance, type of metal wire and the material surrounding the metal wire.


The resistance of a coil is expressed in a certain ohm value. The lower this value is, the less resistance there is. Less resistance means that the coil can handle more force and thus produce more vapor. Coils of this kind with a value below 1.0 ohm are called sub ohm coils. These coils are used in sub ohm clearomizers and are intended to vaporize in a Direct-Lung manner. This means that the vapor is inhaled directly over the lungs. Coils above 1.0 ohm are MTL coils and are of course used for Mouth-to-Lung vapors.

Metal or resistance wire

Coils can contain different types of resistance wires. The most common type is kanthal. Unless otherwise indicated, the coil will almost always consist of kanthal. Other well-known types are mesh, ceramic and stainless steel. Mesh consists of a large honeycomb surface, which releases a lot of vapor and flavor. Ceramic coils contain a ceramic casing that ensures that no flavors from previous e-liquids are retained. Coils with a stainless steel wire have the property that they can be vaporized on both wattage and temperature control. You also have titanium and nickel coils that can only be used in the temperature control mode.

Build coils yourself

You can also choose to make your own coils. These kind of DIY coils can only be used in an RTA (rebuildable tank atomizer) and in an RDA (rebuildable dripper atomizer). This is mainly due to the better taste and the cost savings.

As you can see, there are many different types of coils and each different type of coil offers a different vapor experience or is suitable for a different e-cigarette.