POD'S are reservoirs filled with an e-liquid or refillable, suitable for Pod e-cigarettes.

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What are PODs?

PODs are used as a liquid reservoir for POD e-cigarettes. The POD e-cigarette can be seen as an evolution of the normal e-cigarette. They are very easy to use and are often very compact so that they easily fit in your pocket. POD e-cigarettes also often produce less vapor. As a result, they have recently become a very popular choice among vapers who opt for a handy and discreet e-cigarette with a high ease of use. The POD e-cigarette is a type of hybrid e-cigarette that works with so-called PODs, or replaceable cartridges. These PODs contain the mouthpiece, coil and liquid in one. The POD is inserted into the battery and the device is ready for use. There are closed or open POD systems. The closed POD systems are already filled by the manufacturer and cannot be refilled with your own e-liquid. The open POD systems are supplied with an empty POD and can therefore be refilled yourself.

Typically, PODs are discarded after the coil has burned out as the coil cannot be replaced in most POD systems. The coil of a POD usually needs to be replaced after 3-4 times refills. After this, however, the PODs have burned out, so the entire POD must be replaced to avoid a burnt or reduced taste. However, there are also POD systems where the coil can also be replaced and the mouthpiece remains the same.

PODs are often filled with nicotine salt (Nic Salt). This is a popular combination as the Nic Salt e-liquids ensure that the nicotine is absorbed quickly and due to the relatively low wattage and high resistance of the coil, this ensures that Nic Salts come into their own in POD e-cigarettes because in regular e-cigarettes too much nicotine is quickly absorbed when using Nic Salts.